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Backfield Group

Are you facing changes in your IT landscape? Are you preparing for a big migration? Are you integrating different systems? Do you need to consolidate your IT infrastructure in order to lower your TCO? Are you considering outsourcing your IT business? Do you wonder what value a cloud solution might add to your business? Look no further, Backfield Group can help you in a wide variety of ways. From defining and managing your programs, sourcing contracts and vendors, to bringing in quality resources and delivering the complete solution, hassle free, within targets, time and budget.

Who we are

Our company consists of people with all the hands on experience you need: interim management, program and project management, architecture, test execution, information management, contract and vendor management, service delivery, product management, IT organization and IT operations. With years of experience and knowledge we can assist you with many challenges your organization faces. And we make sure we do the work and you reap the benefits!

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Our values

We know our stuff. We only work with senior people that have a track record in managing successful projects together. Of course we know about PRINCE2, BiSL, ITIL, TOGAF, Scrum, DevOps, you name it. And what is more important: we know how to deliver. Because of our experience, because we work together and because we are pragmatic and want to achieve concrete results. We do not all have the same skills, but we do have the same goal. We at Backfield Group are knowledgeable, committed, to the point, transparent and do not suffer from internal power struggles and politics. We like to think that delivering your result is our goal. We work together to reach that goal and at the same time enable you to take a next step. And if you’re ready for it, we are willing to share risks and deliver turnkey results.

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Our experience

At Backfield Group we love to do what we are good at, and make our customers benefit! We have been active in various businesses, like banking, insurance, government, transport, education, and IT. We gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of infrastructure- and cloud solutions, IT operations and (out)sourcing challenges.

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